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Karlslund Fjötla Air Safety Boots

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Product Details
Brand: Karlslund
Availability: Some sizes in shop. For other sizes, allow 3-6 weeks for delivery depending on vendor availability.

Super-nice leather boot, with elastic opening, which is well suited for both riding and stable work. Very soft, resilient and shock absorbing TPU soles with a rough pattern that provides a good grip on the surface.

Lightweight composite toe cap complying with EN12568. Good fit with elastic at the sides and straps at the front and back, making the boot easy to take off and put on.

Advanced X-Comfort insole with special support and shock absorption. Calfskin inner lining and effective and durable TECHNICAL LINING material that keeps your foot dry and odorless.

Made in Europe in European high quality leather, and made with reflective details. The boot is highly water resistant and very breathable.

Overall, a very lightweight and comfortable safety boot for horse riding and handling.


  • Lightweight safety toecap and soles
  • High-tech moisture transporting lining material
  • Great looking design with reflexes
  • Great for stable work and riding
  • High quality European leather
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