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Developed by Holar University College (

This first book of The Icelandic Riding Levels presents basic information for individuals starting out in horsemanship. The main purpose at Level 1 is to lay a safe, horse friendly and solid foundation for beginner riders and horse handlers.

Basic topics in this book are:

  • •Behavior, instincts and nature of horses.
  • Conformation and physical aspects of riding horses.
  • •Keeping horses, leading, handling and safety.
  • The gaits of the Icelandic horse.
  • Tack, its care and use.
  • The riders seat, reins and rein holds.
  • Lunging exercises and training of rider.

Through the lessons on this book a basic foundations is laid for the following four remaining levels. It is vital that riders have learned and applied the lessons and practices presented here in order to logically and easily proceed to the next level. The Icelandic Riding Levels are built on a step-by-step approach of training horses and riders in a safe, enjoyable and responsible way. As the education and practices advance the rider may have to go back and forth between the manuals to master certain tasks.

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