Used Fager - MAX Titanium Loose Rings

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Used Fager - MAX Titanium Loose Rings bit in great condition. Size 10.5 cm (4⅛").

Bit Description

If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Can be on/off in the connection.
  • Slow reactions for your aids.
  • Feel stiff.
  • Sensitive for bar pressure

Max is a durable and lightweight double-jointed titanium bit.

The middle piece is a 30mm lozenge that will lay smooth against your horse tongue. Due to the straight shape of Max, the pressure will be less on the bars and more on the tongue.

Competition Approved - check it out here!

10.5 cm 4 " 10 mm 70 mm
11.5 cm 4½ " 12 mm 70 mm
12.5 cm 5 " 14 mm 70 mm
13.5 cm 5¼ " 14 mm 70 mm
14.5 cm 5¾ " 14 mm 70 mm

If you are between sizes, go up.

The HORSE logo should always be on your horse's right side, upwards.
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