Ástund Saddle Information

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  • Ástund made it’s first saddle in 1985, the Ástund Special. One can say that this was the saddle which revolutionized saddle making in Iceland.

  • Due to its design and construction Ástund Special immediately became one of the most popular saddle in Iceland in it's time.

  • The Ástund Special like all other Ástund saddles was the first saddle to be made on a totally flexible tree, using natural materials.

  • The Ástund tree is a spring tree made of 4-5 layers of Birch wood with laser treated steel springs for durability.

  • The Ástund saddle is designed to act as a shock absorber between horse and rider. Therefore it is very important that both the tree and the saddle are thoroughly flexible but still distributes the weight of the rider evenly on the horses back.

  • All Ástund saddles spread the weight of the rider as evenly as possible over the horse’s back and reduce the shock waves.

  • All Ástund saddles are handcrafted from the finest, premium selection of  leather.

  • The panels are stuffed with firm, medium-density flock,  which performs superbly with the flexible Ástund tree.

  • All Ástund saddles are fitted with adjustable stirrup bars allowing five different positions of the stirrup leathers to accompany your thigh leg length.

  • As a result of the development, design and quality Ástund saddles have a reputation for being extremely horse-friendly.

  • Choose your own width. The Ástund saddles come in three different widths to fit different needs. (* N (Narrow 86-88°) M (Medium 94-96°) W (Wide 101-103°)

  • Most Icelandic horses require the middle width. Horses with extremely narrow shoulders may need the narrow fit. Horses with extremely wide shoulders may need the wide fit.

  • Feel the sensation of riding in an Ástund saddle.