This revolutionary system allows the tree width to be modified to the withers and back of any horse, or as the horse grows and changes. By adjusting the Xchange® gullet individually, pressure points in the front part of the horse’s back are avoided and the weight distribution of the saddle optimized.


Saddles without changeable gullet plate systems can be widened by a saddlemaker (usually not recommended for more than one size), but never narrowed.  

All of our saddles first come with a medium Xchange® gullet plate and the Xchange® plate that suits the horse’s conformation best can be purchased in the shop. 

An exchange only takes about 10 minutes and does not affect the strengh or look of the saddle. Top competitors worldwide have found the XChange®-system to be the fastest and easiest system of its kind to use. Four interchangeable, color coded steel gullet plates provide an ample range of widths. Best af all, it only takes a simple screwdriver, 6 steps, and 10 minutes to make the change: 

XChange® Gullet Plate System

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