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Effax Leather Combi Cleaner 500ml

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Brand: Schweizer Effax
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This grease-free, deep-penetrating Leder-Combi from Effax® will keep your leather tack and goods in tip-top shape! An easy to use wipe on formula, this leather cleaner will leave your tack soft and supple. Strong on sweat build-up and grime, this leather cleaner also protects and nourishes your leather. Great for use on saddles, bridles, boots, and anything else that needs a deep-clean.

Size: 500 ml


  • Cleans and Conditions
  • Easy to Use
  • Leaves Leather Soft and Supple
  • Does Not Leave Any Residue
  • Easily Tackles Sweat and Caked on Grime

Directions for Use:

Wipe on with cloth or sponge, does not foam like traditional saddle soap. Increased elbow grease will increase the shine of your leather. Does not need to be rinsed off. Follow with leather conditioner for the ultimate leather cleaning experience. Always test Effax® Leather Combi Cleaner on an area of the leather item that cannot be seen before proceeding to clean and condition the entire product.

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