Fleck - Feldmann Sports Balance Whip w/Crystals

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The Balance whip now shines with a unique look; coloured handle wrapped with stunning crystal elements gives it a very special elegance. The special handle keeps the whip perfectly balanced in the rider's hand, while riding or doing ground work exercises.


  • Balance whip
  • Woven Nylon cover
  • Coloured handle wrapped in rhinestones

The Feldmann Balance Whip has been modeled on the methods used for decades by Walter Feldmann, the well known German professional rider and trainer. The advantages of this new dressage whip lie, "in your hand", in the truest sense.

The special two-part handle fixing the rider's hand clearly provides an optimum grip position so that the Feldmann Balance Whip is always ideally balanced and securely held.

The great advantage for the rider is that "The Feldman Balance Whip enables completely natural, relaxed riding and very accurate whip-handling for beginners and professional riders alike".

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