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The new Hrímnir Titanium bit Dimma is super light, extra comfortable for your horse and can help to make your rein connection even better and easier. It is anatomically shaped and therefore well situated in the horses mouth. Its shape distributes the pressure evenly which can make it a good choice for horses who are easily disturbed by the bit. The Hrímnir titanium bit features a short link that fits well over the tongue and the comparatively long sidebars make it less likely that they get pulled out of the corners of the mouth during riding. The roller in the centerpiece is made out of copper and due to his round shape especially soft for the horse. The sweet taste material stimulates salivation to encourage a softer and more responsive connection. The eggbutt shape of the bit rings make the bit more stable and comfortable for the horse, especially during sideway aids from the reins.

Our bits are made with high quality workmanship. Their unique and elegant ornamentation is based on ancient Viking designs.

The size measurement printed on the bit should be on the left side facing forward.


  • Eggbutt bit rings for extra comfort and stability
  • Slim (12 mm) mouthpiece for more comfort
  • Extraordinary light and comfortable for the horse
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Well situated in the horse’s mouth
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Short link that fits well over the tongue
  • Longer sidebars for more steadiness
  • Round copper roller in centerpiece
  • Sweet taste material for increased salivation
  • High quality workmanship and unique ornamentation

All Hrimnir bits come in shorter widths that are recommended by experts for the majority of Icelandic horses.

Which size to choose?

There is no general rule for which bit width fits your horse. Each horse has its individual conformation and needs. We recommend measuring the width of your horse’s mouth at the corners of the mouth or to try different widths of bits in order to see what size fits best. The bit should not be longer than the width of the mouth by more than 1 cm. That means that the bit should not protrude more than 0.5 cm on each side of the mouth.

The bit rings should lie stable at the corners of the mouth, but without pressing onto the cheeks. When pressure is applied to the reins (especially sideways pressure), the bit should lie stable in the mouth and not move the cheeks. Try to put pressure on only one rein and see how the bit moves. If the sidebars of the bit move more than 1 cm out of the mouth, the bit is probably too wide.

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