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With designs based on ancient images from the time of the Vikings, choose Hrímnir's popular Heritage browbands for a unique and elegant look.

The comfortable Heritage browbands are made of high-quality leather and embedded rhinestones inspired by Iceland's nature.

Heritage browbands are available for sizes COB and FULL an fit a 1.3 cm (1/2") wide headstall strap. A touch of Iceland for all horse breeds!


  • High quality leather infused with extra oil for durability and softness
  • Size: Available for Icelandic horses (Ice/Cob) or bigger horse breeds (Full)
  • Cob (includes Icelandic):
    • Size 38 cm or 14⅞", includes loops
  • Full:
    • Size 41 cm or 16⅛", includes loops
  • Loops fit headstalls that are up to 1.3 cm or ½" wide
  • Leather Colour: Black
  • Embedded rhinestones inspired by Icelandic nature
  • EUIPO registered design

The browbands fit a 1.3 cm (1/2") wide headstall strap. They fit well to the Hrímnir Headstall - Bit Strap (also available in COB or FULL size).

3 Heritage Rhinestone Browband Styles

Browband Style Colour
E Fire & Ice
F Blue Lagoon
H Lava

(Headstall, noseband, bit and reins sold separately.)

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