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Adjustable tree gullet plates for Hrimnir Saddles. All Hrímnir saddles, except the Elite, come with a head gullet in size M when first purchased.The Elite comes with size MW.

The Xchange® System

The Xchange® system takes Hrímnir saddles to a new level of best fit and comfort for your horse.

The interchangeable gullet system makes it possible for anybody to individually adjust the saddle width to the horse’s needs. A horse’s shape can change over time. The Xchange® system makes it possible for you to adjust the saddle by yourself, if needed.

Top competitors world-wide have found the XChange® system to be the fastest and easiest to use of its kind. Five interchangeable, color-coded steel gullets provide a full range of widths.

Best of all, it only takes a simple screwdriver, 6 steps, and 10 minutes to make the change - and you can do it yourself!

The head gullets are made of rustproof stainless steel and guarantee high durability.


  • Exchangeable head gullets for optimal individual saddle fit
  • Do it yourself! easy exchange within minutes
  • Durable, high quality stainless steel
  • Recommended by top competition riders
  • Size:
    • N - Narrow
    • M - Medium
    • MW - Medium Wide
    • W - Wide
    • XW - Extra Wide
    • XXW - Extra Extra Wide

Which size to choose?

Make sure that your horse stands balanced on all feet on a smooth, level floor. When the saddle is positioned correctly on the horse´s back, and the girth is tightened, place your hand sideways (not flat), under the pommel and see if there’s enough clearance over the horse’s withers. If your hand does not fit sideways under the pommel, pressure on the withers will cause pinching and distress to the horse.

Slide your flat hand under the front of the saddle (from the pommel downwards), to feel for pressure points on the trapezius area, which will cause pinching and limit blood circulation.

The front part of the saddle tree and the points must be at a similar angle as the trapezius area upon which they will rest (tolerance of max 10 degrees).


Narrow (pink) = 76° angle / 27 cm between points (end of saddle tree)*

Medium (purple) = 78° angle / 28 cm between points

Medium wide (orange) = 81,5° angle / 29 cm between points

Wide (green) = 86° angle / 30 cm between points

Extra wide (grey) = 91° angle / 31 cm between points

Extra extra wide (white) = 94° angle / 32 cm between points

* Please note that measurements between points on saddle trees can vary between every saddle maker. Two saddles from two different saddle makers that are measured 30cm between points, do not necessarily have the same tree width (angle).

Six Steps

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