Karlslund Treeless Kontact3

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Advanced treeless saddle with unique comfort for both horse and rider. Done with extra freedom for the shoulder and withers, and a very flexible structure for optimizing the performance of the horse and its gaits. It is filled with special multi-layer latex that offers a very good weight distribution, as well as adapts to the shape of the horse - even those with a difficult back shape.

The seat is soft and comfortable, and built with lots of support for the rider in both front and rear cantles, as well as the short knee pads, that fit riders with long as well as shorter legs.

The built-in short gullet iron, in combination with the wide gap between the panels, ensure an ergonomic fit to the horse, with good room for spine and withers.

Overall a saddle that offers great comfort, and an extremely close contact between the rider and the horse.

The short length of the saddle and the very flexible structure, helps ensure that it fits the vast majority of Icelandic horses, no matter if they are wide or narrow in build. This also means that the saddle is well suited for using on multiple horses, as it simply adapts to the shape of the various horses.

Includes saddle cover. Can be special ordered with special knee rolls, colors, etc.


  • Special shoulder freedom
  • Unique one layer treeless construction
  • Extremely flexible in all directions
  • Soft and supportive seat
  • Short gullet plate for good fit over withers
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Color: Black

Saddle cover included.

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