Stübben Equi-Soft Girth

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The Stübben Equi-Soft leather girth is an ingenious and exclusive system of elastic rings that offer perfect girth pressure distribution, eliminates the feeling of pressure and the complaints of the horse when being girthed. Its special design allows the horse to expand its chest when needed during exercise. The elastic rings expand and contract with the rib cage, maintaining a uniform tension.

Special design allows the girth pad to be changed in seconds and you can order with whichever pad you prefer.

A comparative study of various girths certifies: All horses, without exception, maintained lower heart rates when using the Equi-Soft-girth.


  • Due to the girths exclusive system of elastic rings and special shape, usual pressure is released from the chest and easier breathing is permitted
  • Proven to significantly lower heart rate for the horse
  • Allows for perfect girth pressure distribution

To correctly use the Equi-Soft® girth, the center of the girth must be positioned symmetrically in the center of the horses girth line. Never adjust only one side, the tension should be similar on both sides of the girth.

Please contact us if you prefer Dark Brown or Tobacco coloured Equi-Soft girths or larger sizes.

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