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Stubben - Kryo Kompakt Horse Set

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Brand: Stubben
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Kryo Kompact Horse Set is the only long-term cold therapy pillow whose effectiveness has been scientifically and clinically proven.

The Kryo Kompact Horse Set includes 1 cold pack and 1 elastic bandage.

Kryo Kompact Cold Pack:

  • Removes Heat much longer than ice
  • Molds to Any Shape Right Out of the Freezer
  • Won’t Burn
  • No Ice, No Water, No Mess
  • Independent 3rd Party Tested
  • Reusable up to 400 times or more
  • Stays soft and pliable when frozen
  • Produced and patented in Germany
  • Non-toxic

Kryo Kompakt Elastic Bandage:

The elastic bandage will keep the Kryo Kompakt Cold Pack in place without restricting the blood flow.

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